Eastern & Oriental - The best of Asian & Oriental pieces. If marks are stated in the desscription we have additional photos of the marks which we will forward on request.

                          OUR STAR OF THE EAST

C1920. An Imperial Chinese Chess Set cast from the original set carved from ivory. A great amount of post casting work has been done on these pieces to accentuate the detail of the originals. Each piece is on a Chinese hardwood stand. £385.00

C1890/1900. A very rare representation of Xiwangmu (Goddess of the West ) wife of the Jade Emperor  accompanied by a mythical Vermillion Bird. Many manifestations through Toaist and Buddhist depictions but she predates Taoism. Indecipherable mark & thumprint. More on request. 10 1/2 inches tall.


Early 20th Century Siamese Sawadee bodhisattva in gilded bronze.

12" High.  £280.00

1950's Spectacular Chinese cast resin figures of Guanyin and Xi Wangmu who is accompanied by a mythical bird. 25 1/2" tall including base. £220.00

C1900. Chinese cast resin figures of Quinlong Emperor (1733 - 1799) and Noble Consort Yin (1731 - 1800). taken from the original ivory carvings. 10" high. £160.00

Mid 20th Century. A pair of white metal scroll weights with astrological symbols on reverse.  4 1/2" x 2". £50.00

1890/1900 Chinese Silver hallmarked pin dish with inserted Dragon Coin (3 Mace & 6 Candereens) of Hu Peh Province. £160.00

1898. Chinese Silver hallmarked ashtray with inserted Dragon Coin (3 Mace & 6 Candereens) of Kwang-Tung Province. £200.00

C1890. A Chinese carved and ebonised hardwood table. 30 1/2" high. £280.00

C1920. A Chinese patinated bronxe moon flask with seal mark to base. 10" tall. £300.00

C1890. A Chinese pottery & enamel figure of Guanyin with chop mark to base. 9 1/2" tall.     £185.00

C1860. A Raj Era Indian silver (925) salver    4 1/2" Diameter. £55.00

C1880. A Raj Era carved silver (925) salver  6 1/2" Diameter. £120.00

C1920. A Chinese carved white jade disc with a five bat border. 2" Diameter. £65.00

C1930. A Chinese mutton fat jade carved pendant 2 1/8" x 1 1/4". £60.00

C1900/1910. A Chinese pottery figure of the last Emperor of China (Puyi) asleep on the Imperial Throne. 2 Chop signatures to base.

7 1/2" X 4 1/2" £450.00

C1910/20 A chinese silver matchbox holder with original (poor condition) matchbox.        1 7/8" x 1 1/8" £35.00

Late 20th Century herd of seven porcelain horse figures. £140.00

C1910 A Maji Period signed miniature double gourd vase. Acqired from a Swiss collector. A little gem. £380.00

A mid 20th Century crystal Hoti holding a rope of jade beads. 4 1/2 inches high. £75.00

A new page to reflect our growing reputation for providing genuine Chinese, Japanese and Islamic artefacts all sourced from private estates.

C1860 Chinese cast bronze scribes water vessel. £340.00

Early 20thC Yixing teapot with incised poem. £150.00

Late 19thC early 20thC Yixing teapot with incised poem. £220.00

A slightly earlier 19th Century Papier Mache, lacquer and original tin tea caddy. £280.00

The original caddy.

C1920 - A Chinese rosewood low table with carved panels. £340.00

C1890. A heavy inlaid brass Anatolian plaque depicting the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Constantinople (as it was when this was made). Purchased by a Brigadier in the British Army - we have an impeccable pedigree - around 1905 - inlaid with silver and copper. POA

C1880/1890. A stunning Japanese Satsuma Vase signed to the base. 24" tall. £480.00

C1900. Burmese. From the same estate and with the same impeccable pedigree an inlaid brass plaque in typical Islamic patterns of silver & copper inlay. The plaque has bee used as a tray (there is a folding stand) but it was made as a wall plaque. £280.00

Late 19th Century. A pair of Chinese bottle vases in the Famille Verte pallette with panels depicting birds & flowers. £220.00

Late 19th Century. A Chinese blanc de Chine figure of Quan Yin atop a lotus flower plinth. £300.00

Late 19th Century Gu Vase hand decorated with dragors and prunus branches. Yangzhing Period mark. 17 1/2 inches high. £540.00

Ist Half 20th Century Chinese Family Rose baluster vase. 24 inches high.  Seal Mark to Base. £150.00.

C1910/20. A large Chinese blue & white ceramic panel of figures in a landscape. Including frame approx. 35 inches x 18 inches. £570.00

EArly 20th Century Indian watercolour & guauche painting of a contemplative female. £200.00

Early 20th Century watercolour and gauache painting of a lady picking betel berries. £400.00