Curios & Collectables

1930's A scale model of Frncis Drake's Golden Hind with detailed rigging. 28" long x 26 1/2" high. £120.00

C1950. A lignum vitae reveal carving of a Masai warrior. Full provenance. £200.00

20th Century Bronze reproduction of a 10th Century Chinese Lock. £180.00

C1790. A bronze door knocker (sadly polished) with around 30 years of post abuse patina. Probably by the Soho Works in Birmingham, renowned for ormalu £280.00

C1900. Persian or Anatolian kaleidoscope in brass. The images formed are in classic Islamic colours and patterns. £100.00

C1990. An astonishing Inuit figure group by Isaci Etidlole (1972 - 2014). Soapstone. Gallery Label to Base. £340.00

C1920. A carved Meerscham pipe in it's original case. Never Used and custom made leather case intact. £130

1950's A German made cigarette lighter and cigarette case made for the British Sector in occupied Germany. £58.00

C1900. A complete set of 7 French Postcards in original (torn) envelope. No foxing on the cards. £40.00

Antiquity. A Roman Bronze Head (only) from a figure of around 100AD. 1 1/2". £280

C1890. An Austrian Stamp Box of Brass with silver inlay in the Japanese style. £80.00

C1930. A bronze table lighter in the form a Western Covered Wagon, the lighter detachable from the wagon. £75.00

C1800. A cast iron classical garden Jardiniere. £600.00

C1770. A Brass Footman in totally original condition. £440.00