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Curios & Collectables

1853 Enfield .577 paper cartridge - the cause of the Indian Mutiny. From the Estate of a Royal Marine Major. Full Provenance and only £15.00

1920's Bryant & May Ship's Lifeboat Matches in bakelite case with striker ridges and contents. £30.00

C1920 - German MAde 'Continental' typewriter in complete, unrestored condition. £165.00

C1880 - From a General Store near the Shelwich crossroad - later The Shephard Pub and now a private residence - a set of Avery grocery scales in original condition. The stand is of bronze and cast iron, all other elements are bronze with the exception of the suspension links to the weight tray. A full set of weights is included up to 7lbs. £550.00

C1910/1920  A german bakelite snuff box. 3 1/2 inches.


1930's A scale model of Frncis Drake's Golden Hind with detailed rigging. 28" long x 26 1/2" high. £120.00

C1950. A lignum vitae reveal carving of a Masai warrior. Full provenance. £200.00

20th Century Bronze reproduction of a 10th Century Chinese Lock. £180.00

C1790. A bronze door knocker (sadly polished) with around 30 years of post abuse patina. Probably by the Soho Works in Birmingham, renowned for ormalu £280.00

C1990. An astonishing Inuit figure group by Isaci Etidlole (1972 - 2014). Soapstone. Gallery Label to Base. £340.00

C1920. A carved Meerscham pipe in it's original case. Never Used and custom made leather case intact. £130

Antiquity. A Roman Bronze Head (only) from a figure of around 100AD. 1 1/2". £280

C1890. An Austrian Stamp Box of Brass with silver inlay in the Japanese style. £80.00

C1930. A bronze table lighter in the form a Western Covered Wagon, the lighter detachable from the wagon. £75.00

C1800. A cast iron classical garden Jardiniere. £600.00

C1770. A Brass Footman in totally original condition. £440.00