We buy & sell antique oil paintings, watercolours, etchings and more modern artworks by known artists. We have an expert available for valuations & advice. Oriental artwork is shown on the Oriental Page. All sizes shown are the size of the artwork exclusive of the frame.

Mid 18th Century. Dutch School of thatched cottage and barge being loaded with sheep.Apologies for the reflection over the cottage.

Dimension without frame - 21 1/2" x 16"


Dutch 19th Century Oil on canvas by T. Brentner. Slight indent in canvas top right.

20 inches x 16".  £240.00 

Mid 19th Century. A beautifully executed Dutch School oil on board of children trying to catch songbirds. Approx 19" x 13".£750.00 

1858/1860. A mezzotint etching of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert leaving ChErbourg following the Queen's meeting with Napoleon III. 

Early to mid 19th Century oil on canvas landscape with figures. Canvas measures

23 1/2" x 15 1/2. £475.00

C1860. Landscape with Cottage, oil on canvas by W. Haines. £225.00

Another John Myett of Picasso's 'Les Trois Femmes' and again a giclee print. £400.00

The photo unfortunately does not do justice to the picture - the colours have not emerged as brightly as the picture in reality. More photos on request.

A giclee print of John Myett's copy of Paul Klee's 'The Storm'. This is a museum quality print (the colour match is exact and these prints do not fade. There is an abundance of information relating to John Myett on the web and we have no wish to repeat his past errors here. £550.00

Date under research - probably 1950's. A copperplate etching of an original pen & ink drawing by Wallace Haslet. Monogrammed on the plate and signed in full in pencil by the artist. Also on the left bottom corner an embossed imprint 'Artists Proof'. 10" x 8"

1930. Russel Flint - The Stringmakers of Arigosa - A Drypoint Etching unusually signed (now faded) in ink. From an edition of 75. 14 3/4" x 10" £650.00

1980. An original Joseph Capozio (Los Angeles) mixed media original portraits of leading actors.  12 3/4" X 6 3/4"  Artist signature and gallery & Studio labels to verso. £280.00

Late 19th Century Low Countries woolwork panel measuring - excluding frame - 12 inches wide x 15" high. £170.00

1950's. An original pencil and watercolour sketch by Berkeley Sutcliffe for a Ist idea dress for Evelyn Laye in the role of Leonora Fiske in the play 'Ladies in Retirement' by Reginald Denham. 22" x 16". £400.00

A Late 18th/ Early 19th Century Dutch etching of Breda monogrammed AFH on the plate and signed in full on the print. Print only 12 1/4" x 

16 1/2". £200.00