Descriptions – all items are described and dated to the best of our knowledge in researching provenance and independent opinion.  M&G will fully refund all costs to any purchaser who finds any misdescription or misrepresentation of any item.  Should arbitration become necessary it will be by a mutually agreed specialist in the applicable field.


Services - The Services as listed are chargeable services and subject to formal contract between M&G and the responsible client (executor, claimant, relative, POA holder or other authorised party at the following rates: -

Inventory Creation - £25.00 per hour

Valuation -  + £30.00 per hour

Brokerage & Web Sales - 33.3% of sale price

Auction -  see below.


UK Sales – Clean title to all items is fully and freely (unencumbered) passed to the purchaser upon receipt of the agreed sale price by M&G. Services are provided under mutually agreed terms (under contract) for contents, labour or transport.


Export Sales - Clean Title is passed to the purchaser at the threshold of M&G premises subject to receipt of cleared funds. Overseas purchasers are advised that it is necessary to have their own agent confirm the goods are as described and are in the condition described prior to collection or shipment. If shipped by M&G all charges relating to Packing, Insurance and Transport must be paid prior to shipment. M&G do not refund against items shipped without prior inspection by the purchaser or their agent and signed for by the purchaser or agent as compliant with the condition and description, meaning they are shipped entirely at the purchasers risk. M&G Antiques comply fully with all CITES regulations and with UK & EU Government regulations governing money laundering. Cash transfers are therefore limited to £8,000.00 sterling and all cash transactions emanating from Non EU sources are reported to the UK HMRC irrespective of the amount.


Commisssioned Sales - Items consigned to M&G for sale through the trade are charged at 20% of the final sale price. Items sold to the public through our showrooms or web site are charged at 33.3% of the sale price.


Auction Sales - Where items are consigned to M&G for sale by auction (unless agreed otherwise in writing) 50% of the difference between the beneficial trade commission rate (to M&G Antiques) and the standard published commission rate of the auction house on the day of the sale will be retained by M&G. Example - if the standard commission is 25% and the trade is 10% M&G will charge the client 17.5%. Where M&G have no trade relationship with an auction house M&G will charge £15.00 per hour for the time spent in organising or administering the auction.


Purchases – Title to items purchased by M&G is passed free and unencumbered upon payment by M&G of the agreed purchase price (whether written or not) and the vendor is contracted to indemnify M&G against any future claim of any sort upon the item/s. Items held by M&G Prior to payment to the vendor are held at M&G's risk and insured to the agreed purchase price. Precious Metals are purchased under the same terms. Please note that if you are not known to the owners and staff at Granville House you will be asked for identification and you and your identity documentation will be photographed and placed on file.


Deposits - A minimum deposit of 10% of the agreed sale price will secure the item for four calendar weeks from the date of deposit. The full purchase price must be paid by the expiry of the four weeks or the deposit will be returned and the item offered for sale from our stock. Any deposits not collected within three months will be forfeited.


Collections - Purchased items (fully paid) must be collected from M&G's premises (either the showrooms or the warehouse) within 6 calendar weeks of payment for the item (the Storage Period). Unless agreed otherwise in writing, at the expiry of the Storage Period the item will be returned to M&G's stock and the purchaser will be refunded the original sale amount less storage or any expenses incurred by M&G.


Insurance – All items which are the property of the client (post payment) are fully insured to the purchase price whilst in the possession of M&G and during delivery up to the threshold of the Delivery Address in the UK and EEC member states. Expensive pieces should be notified to the Householders Insurer prior to delivery. Items being exported outside the EEC are subject to seperate insurance conditions.