For the Specialist Collector

Our specialist service to Executors, Solicitors and Heirs - We inventory, Value and market collections to our range of outlets including dealers and auction houses. Too diverse to list the range of items we have successfully cashed for our clients, our current projects are listed below. See T's & C's for conditions.



Warwick & Warwick Auctioneers have the Jonathan Marsh collection under our aegis. This will be sold over the next few months as the specialist Scripophily, Antique Maps, Coins & Banknotes and Stamps auctions occur.

We have just started a new instruction by a client to dispose of his mainly copper coin collection from cartwheel penny 1797 to half farthing 1843 and 90 kilos of copper around and between.

Our Sentry Box Mounted Hussar is off to Minneapolis this week. Bon Voyage!

Our Cast lead military figures from the "Sentry Box" Collection.

This is a collection of lead cast and hand painted military figures approximately 6 inches (120mm) high except for the horseman - from the Sentry Box series. Incredible detail in the accuracy of the uniforms.


Garde National Lancer - £70.00
Household Cavalier - £50.00
A Royal Hussar - £40.00
The Honourable Corps of Gentleman at Arms - £55.00
The Royal Scots - £60.00
The Rifle Brigade - £45.00
A Welsh Guardsman - £50.00
The Royal Scots Greys - £80.00
A Beefeater - £65.00
The 17th/21st Lancers. - £45.00
The RRoyal Ulster Rifles - £50.00
The Scots Guards - £70.00