Lamps & Lighting

C1920. - An American "slag glass" ceiling light. 17' long x 20' wide. £320.00
C1920 - Another American "slag glass" Ceiling light in a rarer green glass. !7' long x 20" wide. £360.00
An American bronze hood ornament dating from 1948 (seen on '48 Cadillac) mounted on bronze base & stem. The light striations on the wall are from the classic Nailsea C1920 shade. £280.00
C1925. A French five leaf Tulip ceiling light. We have 5 in stock. 14" long x 8" wide. £180.00 each
C1925. A1920's French 5 panel Tulip Ceiling Light. 15" long x 10" wide. £230.00
C1910. An Arts & Crafts12 sided hall light measuring 30" long x 19" wide. £480.00
C1910 - An arts & Crafts 12 sided hall light measuring 17" long x 27" wide. £460.00
C1840. Original OIl Lamp converted to electric ceiling light. 22' long x 16" wide. £280.00
C1860. A French Oil Lamp converted to an electric ceiling light. One crack in the large dome - priced accordingly. £200.00
C1920. A five branch French Chandelier totally intact and complete. £360.00
C1910 - An original bronze cast Arthur Puyt "vendeur de journeaux" lamp. Rewired and PAT tested. £440.00
C1860. A French brass and enamel Oil Lamp with a spectacular light amber shade. Fully converted. 31" long x 27" wide. £340.00
C1850. Originally an oil lamp & 9 branch candelabra. Fully converted to electricity. Perfect condition.Stunning wheel cut shades. 68" long x 39" wide. £600.00
C1930. An Arts & Crafts Hall light. 17" long x 12" wide. £180.00