Curios & Collectables

20th Century. A charming 2 1/2 inch high carved fruitwood netsuke (signed) of two kittens playing. £38.00
20th Century. A carved boxwood (signed) netsuke of a pair of frogs. £32.00
A 20th Century Chinese copy of an ancient Chinese padlock in the form of a bronze horse - replicating the original mechanism. Full working order with key. £65.00
C1930. A bronze table lighter of a Western wagon & horse. The detachable lighter is mechanically perfect but unused since the 1950's. £120.00
C1950. A heavily and deeply cast white metal figure of a cat (1 1/2 inches tall) on a bottle stopper with neck chain. £40.00
8 programmes covering '70,'93 & '94 Wimbledon Finals, '92 & '97 Benson & Hedges Finals including an 8 page Souvenir from Lords for the '92, 2005 & 2006 Queens Club Stella Artois and the 1997 FA Cup final between Chelsea & Middlesburgh. £25.00
1956 first pressing of Don't be Cruel (Cat. No. G2WB - 5936 - 2) and Houndog (Cat. No. G2WB - 5936 - 1).2 very shallow scratches (1/8th groove depth) £40.00
C1920. A cast Bronze Malay Pot with cast pig handles. £70.00
The 1988 Bells Whisky Christmas Bell with the original sealed top intact as are the contents. Includes the original box. A real collectors piece. £225.00.
The 1988 Bells decanter box.
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 1990 90th Birthday Bells Whisky Commemorative Decanter with original contents and original seal. Comes with original Box. £80.00
The box for the Queen Mum's decanter
An Indonesian petrified wood trunk section on a teak root. Overall Weight - Top - 256 kilos, base - 80 kilos. £3,600.00