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Our Cast lead military figures from the "Sentry Box" Collection.

This is a collection of lead cast and hand painted military figures approximately 6 inches (120mm) high except for the horseman - from the Sentry Box series. Incredible detail in the accuracy of the uniforms.


A spectacular lead cast model from the "Sentry Box" collection. Very rare. £200.00
Garde National Lancer - £70.00
Household Cavalier - £50.00
A Royal Hussar - £40.00
The Honourable Corps of Gentleman at Arms - £55.00
The Royal Scots - £60.00
The Rifle Brigade - £45.00
A Welsh Guardsman - £50.00
The Royal Scots Greys - £80.00
A Beefeater - £65.00
The 17th/21st Lancers. - £45.00
The RRoyal Ulster Rifles - £50.00
The Scots Guards - £70.00